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"ANY progress is still progress, but don't waste time because time is the one thing you'll never get back."
-Trish B.

LaTricia is an elected official, an author, image architect and designer.

At her core, LaTricia is always learning about various fields and defining what her endgame will look like by her own standards, which is why she enjoys learning about various aspects of the lives of her clients.


In the meantime, she's enjoying the journey of helping her clients build the image they wish to present to the world in order to elevate their own personal aesthetic and appeal to their target audiences.

As a student of the ever-changing world of Fashion, LaTricia has taken steps to ensure the meek, quirky and unique don't go unnoticed.

Raised as the second eldest child in a mixed family of six, LaTricia was a timid young girl who from the start wanted to shoot for the stars. Born in Mobile, Al. LaTricia was raised primarily in Newport News, Va. to later land In Savannah.

 Here, she attended Savannah College of Art and Design and completed her BFA in Fashion with a minor in Accessory Design. During her tenure at S.C.A.D. she interned at Conde Nast Publications specifically with W Magazine in New York, NY. While here, she met Derek Roche and went on to assist him with the personal Styling of P. Diddy as well as assisting during the development of the Sean John's 10-year anniversary Collection, and  the filming of Diddy's If I were King Documentary (you can spot her in various shots of the footage).

"Fashion should be a form of escapism, and not a form of  imprisonment."
Alexander McQueen
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