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Meet Trish B.

Hello! I'm Trish B., your resident Bridal Stylist, Image Consultant, and Master Tailor! If you're looking for the best in image and style expertise, or couture Bridal Services you've come to the right place (and yes we offer bespoke suit tailoring too)!

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Pick the right designer for your event!

Too often I am faced with fixing the work of individuals who may not have had the skill-set to address my client's fit issues.

This results in the client overpaying for  their services and feeling discouraged about future alterations or design endeavors.

I am here to tell you that one of my greatest traits is integrity! I will always recommend the best service for my client's specific requests and do my best to deliver exemplary results!

-Christina O., Former Bridal Alterations Client

"Trish not only gave me the dress of my dreams, she gave me confidence and a newfound love for my wedding dress!"


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